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shelf cuties

shelf cuties


looooook at this lil bubs! hand painted felt friends stuff with fluff and a little weight on the bottom! they'll be cute on your shelf, they might hold open a light door, they actually do wobble but not fall down. what a way to bring joy to your shelves. 


last two pictures are of felt in supply!



    acrylic paint on felt, sewed with nylon string. stuffing:polyester and copper coated BBs (idk y'all, my house is full of stuff)


    due to the times, we aren't taking returns! but contact at if you have any issues and we'll figure something out. 


    it's not on a fabric you like? or in a color you want? contact me and put in a custom order!

    i have tons of felt and can do any of the stamps i have. can also make them double sided, or heavier! email, lets get your house full of cuties.

    and since you read this far..a secret: i can stuff these with catnip instead of BBs and make you a cat toy! some will be posted when i make them, but you, dear reader, get a sneak peek.


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