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  • didn't you used to be called something else?
    yup! my bff in high school and i started out calling us "we're a creep" because we could finish each others' sentences, and in May 2022 i finally decided to grow up and come up with my own business name! there's a lot of "we're a creep" tagged merch out there, but from now on i'm "tabby+void" ! welcome to the new era, i think it will be fun!
  • where can i shop in person?
    i do at least one outdoor market a month, if not more! the instagram page will always have details about upcoming markets, especially the week before the event. you're always welcome to email or DM me to ask, too!
  • do you do customs/commissions?
    my customs are currently closed! i am not sure they will open back up. most pieces change direction two to three times in the process of making them, so it's very hard for my brain to not panic as soon as i get a custom order for something specific. i want what you get to be something you loooove, and due to the "magic" of dye and fibers, it can be really difficult to predict outcomes. it ends up being significantly less stressful to just make what my brains dreams up, on its own timeline, and to offer what i offer when it's ready. that way when you make a purchase, you know exactly what you're getting, and there's no wait time for planning/fretting/production
  • how do you size your clothes?
    because vanity sizing has completely morphed our ability to use a simple sizing system, i like to provide as actual measurements of garments along with a "letter" size. these measurements are phrased as #" chest, #" length, and where applicable, i include shoulder to shoulder, sleeve length, or amount of difference between front and back hem. these measurements are taken while the garment is flat, so if you're used to seeing more in the ranges of 30-60" for chest size, you're still okay! double the chest measurement i have listed and that's the circumference you will get. measuring oneself is not always possible or preferable, so providing sizes this way seems the most accessible. if you're not used to sizing in this way, a quick method is to find a garment that fits you the way you want your prospective garment to fit, lay it flat, measure, and compare! you can use a soft measuring tape, a construction measuring tape, or even a string or belt that you later measure against a ruler. and of course, if you have more questions about the size of a garment please ask! i'm happy to send videos of amount of stretch or to take a measurement i don't have listed.
  • how do i launder these shirts?
    we recommend washing inside out with cold water and either line drying or tumble dry on low heat. all shirts come laundered to remove excess dye :)
  • what do you use to paint on shirts?
    designs are either hand-painted or screen printed with acrylic paint! this paint does not wash out, i have shirts i've been wearing and washing for a solid decade that are still going strong
  • acrylic paint? isn't that stiff?
    not really! in designs that use less paint, shirt-feel is not impacted. on a design that is more filled in, you might notice a little stiffness for the first couple washes, but it's not going to jut off of your body and will return to regular shirt-feel quickly.
  • what do you use to dye the clothes?
    this is a fun question - i'm not sure yet! i have been using pebeo transparent dyes, rit dyes, and old jacquard procion dyes. so if you're ordering shirts in 2020, there's a good chance i will not be able to recreate the dyed look of your shirt and you are truly getting a one of a kind piece! i have a feeling i will end up sticking with procion dyes, but who can never be sure!
  • do you ship internationally?
    yes!! send me an email with the items you'd like and your address and i will figure out shipping, send you an invoice, and get your package in the mail!
  • how do i unpackage my weaving?
    when you recieve your weaving, gently unroll it and hang it up! you can use your fingers to gently comb any fringe, or to gently mush around any puffy bits. if it looks creased or curly, you can either hang it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower or use a clothes steamer - either way you'll gently steam the fibers and they'll relax. if you need further help please don't hesitate to reach out!

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