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everlasting dream

everlasting dream


6 cotton napkins that had bleach clouds roll in, making a perfect amount of sun for some friendly bees to bumble by. the adventure time end credits song played in my head the entire time i made these and please, if i haven't already tried to convince you - go watch all of adventure time , it is amazing and just typing this brought sweet nostalgic tears to my lil eyes 


a similar set new would cost much more, but since these are thrifted, they're available for a much more reasonable price - hopefully helping you achieve your cotton napkin aspirations OR helping you avoid paper product waste for years to come. these could also be a cool set of bandanas for you and your pals! 

out of stock

    a set of 6 18" by 18" linen napkins. 

    wash warm, dry low. 


    due to the times, we can't take returns, but contact with any issues and we'll figure something out!


    it's not on a fabric you like? or in a color you want? contact me and put in a custom order! 

    i'm happy to revitalize your own linens and have other sets of napkins and tablecloths available for customization! 

    • 6 light blue napkins
    • 4 cream lace edged napkins
    • 8'x5' taupe tablecloth


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