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everything stays

everything stays


a dainty little friend - some very soft blues and greys supporting a ruffle of light blue velvet. this makes me think of a tea set, probably because of the shades of blue.  it also feels very round, even though it's very square. i was watching adventure time while making this, and no psoilers but marceline is just such an incredible character, and i feel like she would have kept something small like this to remember simon both as he was (tweedy) and for how he became (blue), especially because of the soft center.


weaving: 4" x 7"

+ dowel/as hung: 4.5" x 9"

depth: 1”

materials: natural and synthetic fibers, wooden dowel

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    due to the times, we can't take returns, but contact me with any issues and we'll figure something out!


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