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galaxy edges

galaxy edges


a super soft and stretchy athletic shirt that now has your own personal galaxy on it! there's neat stitching along the edges of the torso which help add stretch in multiple directions (just like real s p a c e  o_o ) 


size: small/medium - chest 16" (stretchy athletic material), length 23.5", sleeve 25" long, arm 8.5" flat. (double chest and arm if using body measurements)

unsure of origin brand.  

model (it me!) 5'3", chest 34" around, in a binder. usually wear a small/medium. 

Color: purple
out of stock

    wash cold, tumble dry low heat or line dry for best life. 

    comes prewashed so you don't have to worry about it dyeing your other clothes :)


    due to the times, we can't take returns, but contact me with any issues and we'll figure something out!


    it's not in your size? or in a color you want? check out the custom shirt page. this is a thrifted item so an exact replica may not be possible, but check with me and we'll see what we can work out!! 


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