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intersection matters

intersection matters


full transparency: i wanted to make an intersex pride shirt that wasn't a single purple circle on a yellow background because that feels like a lonely circle to me. the intersecting circles are intended to show how in community, we are stronger, and through connection, we can find people like ourselves. 


i do not have an intersex condition (as far as i know), but finding community i can relate with on a deeply personal level has been vital for my mental health and social happiness. if i've overstepped in making this shirt, please let me know! i wanted to create a spectrum of pride stuff, but i don't want to insult anyone!


the back says "intersection matters" because well, it does! and i didn't want to put "we are proud" because as i understand, intersex issues have not always been adequately understood or encompassed into the lgbtq+ "pride" movement, and i wanted to acknowledge that. 


size: medium - chest 16.5" (stretches easily to 18.5"), hip 18" (also stretchy), length 24.5", flat. double chest and hip for body measurements.

original tag: croft + barrow medium.

Color: yellow

    wash and dry at low temps. 

    comes prewashed so you don't have to worry about it dyeing your other clothes :)


    due to the times, we can't take returns, but contact me with any issues and we'll figure something out!


    it's not in your size? or in a color you want? check out the custom shirt page :) this is a thrifted item, so an exact replica is not possible, but get in contact and we'll figure out something you'll love!


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