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outdoor casual geodes

outdoor casual geodes


a sturdy cotton button down that has some wear on the collar, but has now sprouted some geodes! around the bottom button had a little hole, so it's now mended in a fun and visible way :)


size: masc 2XLT - chest 28", hip 28.5", shoulder 20", sleeve 26", bicep 9.5", length 34" flat. double chest, hip, and bicep for body measurements. 

original tag: woolrich, size unsure but came from a group of 2XLT donations.


Color: brown
out of stock

    wash and dry cooler temps. 

    comes prewashed so you don't have to worry about it dyeing your other clothes :)


    due to the times, we can't take returns, but contact me with any issues and we'll figure something out!


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