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papaya slice

papaya slice


another cute lil croppie toppie that is a very stretchy rayon! it's been dyed with salmon, pink, and peach, and i think the result is a watercolor papaya ! there's a little twisty knot in the bottom middle on the front that adds interesting flow to the shirt. 


size: medium - chest 16" , waist 13" , shoulder 14", bicep 5.5", length 16", flat. double chest, waist, and bicep for body measurements. 

original tag: unknown o_o

Color: pink

    wash cold, tumble dry low heat or line dry for best life. lower heat keeps the shirt fresher for longer!

    comes prewashed so you don't have to worry about it dyeing your other clothes :)


    due to the times, we can't take returns, but contact me with any issues and we'll figure something out!


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